High fidelity sensors at the foot interface paired with state of the art biomechanical analysis are designed to allow us to analyze how people walk, run and move. Built on 15+ years of research, our approach is designed to cater to a wide range of people who strive to Heal, Excel, and Thrive.

Pressure Sensors

Before we begin your project, we like to get to know your business and develop an in-depth understanding of your goals.


3-axis gyroscope for tracking angular motion.


3-axis accelerometer for tracking linear motion.

Bluetooth 4.0

Low power radio for real-time communication.

About Us

Fueled by a passion to empower people facing mobility challenges, Dr. Stacy Bamberg founded Veristride in July 2012. With over 15 years of research and development, Veristride is poised to change the way people measure their ability and performance. Our core team headquartered in Salt Lake City embodies the company mission to support all people in their pursuit to heal, excel, and thrive.

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